Field Studio has made promotional videos and short films for the Women's Refugee Commission, the American Civil War Museum, and Columbia University, among others.

How will you make a difference today?

Our clients shake up the status quo.  We've met some inspiring people, learned of pathbreaking initiatives, and worked with vital organizations.  These are a few of our favorites.



We produced this ten-part series for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance project. Featuring an all-star cast of historians (among them, National Book Award-winner Annette Gordon-Reed and Pulitzer Prize-winner Ibram X. Kendi), the videos build on SPLC’s “Teaching Hard History” curriculum — and give teachers classroom-ready tools for bringing the fullness of the American past to their students every single day.


Women's Refugee Commission | Forced to Flee

The NYC-based Women's Refugee Commission works to improve the lives of women and children displaced by conflict and crisis. Our Virginia cast and crew brought the WRC's work to life, dramatizing the risks women refugees face as well as their perseverance.

The American Civil War Museum: “We’re Breaking Ground”

Expanding on decades of innovation, the American Civil War Museum is breaking ground on a new building that will tell the story of the Civil War through multiple perspectives and digital tools. Meet the visionaries behind the project.


REAL Life: Daniel's Success Story

REAL Life is a Richmond-based nonprofit startup supporting men and women completing terms at the local jail as they seek to get their lives back on track. We were fortunate for the chance to profile one of the organization's most successful clients, Daniel, as he makes his way in his adopted hometown.

Help-Portrait RVA

On December 6th, 2014, photographers and stylists convened in Downtown Richmond, Virginia, to take portraits of their neighbors. For free. Here's the story of one family, and the day that made a portrait.


Women's Refugee Commission | By Sea

Our newest work for the Women's Refugee Commission draws attention to the perilous sea journey made by refugees trying to reach safety. Partners Mad Box, New Media Systems, and Marine Set Safety helped bring the scene to life.

Mary Schinke, Attorney at Law

Mary Schinke is an attorney based in Connecticut who supports families during challenging times. Her expertise is in wills, trusts, and estate planning.


VallotKarp | What Inspires Us

We were inspired to meet the leaders behind this NYC-based diversity and inclusion consulting firm as they shared with us what keeps them fired up and ready to go in the service of "organizations that want to make a difference."

Make the Journey

In anticipation of Richmond's Journey, the four-day event commemorating the end of the Civil War and the beginning of emancipation, six living history interpreters introduce the city's story.