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Our work-in-progress

We’re producing on many fronts — for public television, in short form documentary, and for the classroom — to reach new audiences.

Here’s what we’re up to right now.


The Future of America’s Past

This history-meets-travel show (think Parts Unknown meets American history) will premiere on public television stations across this country this fall.

We take viewers to the fronts lines of American history visiting sites where some of the most difficult chapters of our national past took place. Then, we learn from public historians there how they engage the public with that past. Hosted by historian Ed Ayers (co-host of the hit podcast BackStory), this show explores places familiar and unknown, memorialized and neglected.

Made possible by the Virginia Foundation for Public Media.

National premiere: September 2019 →


Woke Vote: For the Culture

Go behind the scenes with Woke Vote, a coalition of Black millennials shaking up American politics.

Founded in 2017 by DeJuana Thompson, Woke Vote is inspiring and training a new generation of Black voters in civic engagement. Working with HBCUs, churches, and businesses, DeJuana and her team are meeting communities of color where they are—and inspiring them to engage in politics in a new way.

In collaboration with Jameka Autry, consulting producer.

Now available on Facing South →

In-person premiere set for August 24 at Sidewalk Film Festival →


Teaching Hard History

Teaching Tolerance has a powerful new curriculum aimed at helping teachers to convey to their students America’s central story and original sin: slavery.

Our ten-part video series breaks down each key concept of the “Teaching Hard History” curriculum into memorable stories illustrating what American slavery meant to individuals, families, and communities — and how its many echoes continue to shape our nation today. These videos will help students grasp the humanity of enslaved people and the origins of racism and white supremacy.

Made possible by Teaching Tolerance.

Premiered August 2019 →